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Re: Advancedform

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2022 2:48 pm
by frase
roze wrote:
Fri Sep 23, 2022 2:03 pm
it would be very helpful if the input fields were framed. Now they are only visible as hoover.
Hi Rob,
to make the fields visible in the first place, you should add the following to the stylesheet.css of the template.

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input, textarea {
	border: 1px solid #999;
However, this is only half the solution.
By default, Advancedform puts the forms in a table - which is not pretty and not responsive either.
It is much nicer and easier to design if you use the template function of the plugin.
To do this, click in the plugin under "Mail forms" on the second button (next to the trash) in the line where your form is (Choco_2021).
Once you've done that, your form will suddenly look completely different.
Now you can use the browser console (examine) to examine and change any element you want to design in the file:

Unfortunately, and we can't spare you this, you will of course need to have some CSS knowledge to do this.

Re: Advancedform

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2022 3:49 pm
by roze

Thank you. I'll try to make the suggested changes.